Our name is a unique one. The phonetic pronunciation of the name is SEYJ-veyn. It is a composite of the word sage, which implies wisdom, and vane, which suggests stability.

What Makes Sagevane Unique?

We use our highly effective Play Card Methodology in all that we do.
We lead through collaboration with our teams, clients, and vendors.
We prioritize our client outcomes over our personal gain.

Our Core Focus

Together, we turn data problems into opportunities.

Our Core Values

We learn and solve together.
No nonsense, no ego.
Do the right thing.
Act with love.
Simple is better.

Meet the Owner

Sagevane is owned and operated by John Magnabosco. He is a seasoned professional who has focused his career on developing strategic, operational, and technical solutions that emphasize process-driven and goal-based execution. John is an alumnus, magna cum laude, of DeVoe School of Business at Indiana Wesleyan University.