Night has arrived, and your eyes are growing heavy. You pull the covers up and prepare to enter into a state of sleep. Instead of slowly drifting into a peaceful, dreamy world, your mind loads up with an array of thoughts and anxieties. The hours tick away, and the much-needed sleep remains deferred.

An article in Psychology Today, explored this situation and concluded that five questions most-often occupy that wrestling match with your mind. These questions are (Fletcher, 2013):

  1. What do I want?
  2. Am I doing the right thing?
  3. What do other people think of me?
  4. Where am I going in my life?
  5. Why do I act the way I do?

While these questions are undoubtedly personal, they can also translate into questions that keep business owners and managers awake at night. For example:

  1. What do my stakeholders want?
  2. Is the business focused on the right thing?
  3. What do our clients think of us and our product/service?
  4. Is the business operating according to our vision and mission?
  5. Why are we perpetually stuck in a reactive, fire-fighting mode?

As you contemplate these questions, you quickly find that the core concern is the visibility of the information that can inform us of these situations. In other words, our blind spots are the obstacles to discovering the answers to these questions. Our mind is attempting to overcome these obstacles because arriving at an actionable response to these questions is essential to addressing our pains and stress points.

When you are in the midst of a situation that is keeping the dire engine in your mind running at late hours, it can be challenging to identify the patterns that contribute to the issues. You often have access to the data needed to resolve the situation; However, the whirlwind has not allowed you to process it. 

The act of walking through a discovery session with a guide, identifying bottlenecks, and patterns in your process sets the stage for resolution. The identification of the metrics and levers available to you will demystify and reveal opportunities to affect their operation. The implementation of solutions that blend and model data in a fashion that speeds the right information to the right people at the right time will eliminate stressful blind spots.

With visibility and strategic action, the anxiety that keeps Mr. Sandman out in the cold will evaporate. The long nights of mulling over tricky questions will fade into extraordinary visions of dreamy innovation, such as inventing a meow-to-text device for your cat, jet-propelled sneakers, or calorie-free ice cream. Just keep a note pad nearby.

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