In the manufacturing cycle, the raw material is processed and transformed into a finished good. The output of this process enters the market to which consumers purchase and utilize it. An essential aspect of this cycle is the “feedback loop.” This part of the manufacturing cycle can manifest itself in many ways, both proactively and reactively. A company can directly receive responses from their customers as to what they like or don’t like about the product. As a result, the company can modify their manufacturing process, the raw materials used, or the finished good itself. Alternatively, feedback from customers can be expressed by rejecting the product altogether and seek other, more engaging suppliers.

There are benefits to a company and their customers to opening the gates of communication that exceed the immediate benefits of product improvement. This communication path is the foundation for forming an experience-based community around your product or service. There are legends in the business world who emulated this well. The Grateful Dead was an early adopter in soliciting direct feedback, suggestions, and creative inspiration from their fans. The key to it all was that the band listened and responded. Their customers felt that they were heard at an individual level. They became an influential part of the organization and its product. As a result, highly invested in its success.

At the heart of the feedback loop is the perception of the customer by the company. If the company views themselves as the king of the turf shoveling out gruel to the peasants and raking in the profits, the attempts to receive feedback will be perceived (and accurately so) as ingenuine. If the company understands that the customer’s choice in the provider of a given product or service is made so freely; they will covet the feedback, and the authenticity in that effort will be rewarded.

Absent of the feedback loop, there is no continuous improvement. Continuous improvement is the spirit which animates the body of work that we offer at Sagevane. We invite anyone who has leveraged the services that we provide or the insights shared through our blog, podcast, or other means to reach out to us and provide your feedback. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, what is missing, how it has impacted you, and your experience with the marketplace in general. The most efficient means to reach us is through our Contact Us page on our website. Please do so as frequently as you wish. We are listening and looking forward to hearing from you.