We need each other. Success cannot be born from our hands alone. Failure cannot be long in endured without the encouragement of others. Our physical, emotional, and personal growth depends on the seeding and watering of our loved ones. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. We study by the glow of their enlightenment. It is the community we are born into and the community in which we build that must be credited for the pavement on which our lives journey traverses.

In the latest episode of In Flight: The Podcast, Building a Community, I discuss the value of professional and trade communities to personal and professional growth with Kevin Kline of SentryOne. Kevin has extensive familiarity with this topic as he is one of the founding members and former president of the international organization, Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS).

In the interview, Kevin paints the landscape of professional and trade organizations and how they differ from user groups. He shares the nuances, benefits, and characteristics of each type. Kevin also shares his personal experience from the early days of his career. He illustrates his involvement in these groups and how they contributed to the advancement of his impressive career.

Kevin spoke extensively on the dynamic of learning, collaboration, and stretching yourself in the context of these organizations. He notes that the personal growth in the social skills that were achieved during his participation was a more significant contributor to his success than the development of his hard-technical skills.

In the latter portion of the interview, Kevin shares his perspective on how these groups, impact employers and the job market of the local community. The benefits to local business include cost-effective skill development, advertisement of job openings, and marketing their products and services.

In the last segment of the podcast, I provide a review of Seth Godin‘s book titled Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us.

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