Has your team been struggling with focusing on what is most important? With our goal-based, team-empowering Play Card Methodology, we can help your team focus and deliver.

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Plan, do, check, and act. These elements define the cycle of continuous improvement which drives the quality of your product and service. Before you automate, improve your process.

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Accessibility and usability of your data increase its value. Therefore, a database’s schema design is an essential aspect of any development effort. Let’s take a look!

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What Do We Do?

We offer process-based, goal-oriented solutions to the challenges of business growth and productivity.

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Seven Lessons #6: Focused and actionable data is power, all else is trivia.

Data has no more influence on your business than a burlap sack of peanuts. After[…]

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One day, I attended a seminar which presented a new technology to an audience of[…]

Guidelines to Start Your Reading Journal

As business leaders, we are frequently challenged beyond our current set of knowledge and skills.[…]

Meet The Owner

Sagevane is owned and operated by John Magnabosco. He is a seasoned professional who has focused his career on developing strategic, operational, and technical solutions which emphasize process-driven and goal-based execution. John is an alumnus, magna cum laude, of DeVoe School of Business at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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